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🇬🇧TAKE A GUIDED TOUR by Silvana Funes

Actualizado: 31 may 2020

Sometimes we wonder if we should take a tour or not while on vacation. Are we the kind of tourist that goes on excursions or are we the ones to travel on their own?

I have often asked myself this same question, but that was before becoming a tour guide. Now I believe it is always a good idea to take at least one guided tour when traveling.

I think it provides deeper knowledge and an insight from a well prepared professional about the experience.

Then another question follows the first one. How can you choose the activity or the excursion you are going to take?

As general advice, a little bit of research always helps. Check for local tour companies and the products they offer, read the descriptions carefully to verify if what they offer is the kind of activity that appeals to you.

After you have selected an appropriate tour, make sure you double check for the points that may be unclear before the day of the excursion. And then, let them surprise you!

Get into a positive mindset so that you make the most out of your day! Sometimes even on vacation, problems can arise. Try to switch the mood and be flexible, understanding that things can work in other ways, in a different country and in a different culture. And problems that may seem huge, can be solved in the least expected way. Keeping a smile always goes a long way!

Get to know your tour guide! They have all the tricks and tips to make the most out of your excursion. They have valuable information about the history of the sites you're visiting and the local culture.

Your tour guide may become a really good friend that you can rely on every time you visit the area. They also have a local insight that sometimes is not accessible to that easily.

Taking a guided tour and allowing yourself to connect with your tour guide opens a channel on talking about a range of topics, that you may not have thought about before. This possibility of exchanging interesting points of view is always mind broadening

You will go home with more than just a souvenir in your bag. You will take home an enriching and lasting experience to share with your friends and family.

And hopefully your will be left with the desire to come back for more!

See you soon!

By Silvana Funes

Photo shared by Vero

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