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🇬🇧 Off the beaten track by Silvana Funes

Actualizado: 31 may 2020

Are you one of those travelers that always try to avoid the crowds? Do you like secluded spots and unforgettable experiences? Keep reading!! These might be excellent tips for you!

As a tour guide, I am often asked by my guests to recommend an “off the beaten path” archeological site to visit. If you don’t arrive early enough, the most popular and famous sites are incredible crowded and the experience of the site can leave us feeling a little bit disappointed. I can relate to this question a lot, because I’ve been in that situation as a tourist too. So, in this small article I will share with you what I think may be a good idea.

When planning your trip to Mexico, contact us to find out when the High season is and schedule your trip in a different time. This way you can enjoy the most famous sites, such as Chichen Itzá, Tulum, etc., with less visitors and have a very enjoyable experience.

Now, if modifying the date for your trip is not an option, there are some sites that are as Incredible interesting and beautiful as the most popular ones. These are hidden treasures.

South of Tulum town we have Muyil. A small but enchanting ancient Maya city enclosed in a dense jungle. If you’re lucky, howling monkeys can be heard. This site connects to a magnificent lagoon through an interpretative little path where you can observe the flora and fauna in its natural and undisturbed habitat. The local community of Muyil handles boat trips across the lagoon that will end up in an unforgettable lazy river between the mangroves. Excellent spot for bird watching and reconnecting with nature, besides learning about another Maya ancient City.

Let’s talk about Cobá. Located 47 kms (25 miles) from Tulum downtown, this site is gaining popularity due to its unbelievable beauty and the fact that it holds a 42 meter (129 ft) high structure called Nohoch Mul. Cobá has an extense and very interesting history connected with other relevant Maya sites. It is surrounded by a luscious jungle, so much so, that you can still see the remains of unexcavated structures, that are called mounds, between the threes. You can tour around the site in bicycles which makes this experience even more unique. A must for birders and nature lovers, as well as local experience seekers. Outside the site you can try and taste local food.

If you like to receive more information contact us! We can help you arrange a visit to these amazing sites.

See you soon!

By Silvana Funes

Photo by Fer Baqueiro

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