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🇬🇧 La Lancha Surf brake at Bahia de Banderas by Mateo Ronderos.

La Lancha surf break is the most consistent and conveniently located surf break in the Bahia de Banderas, hosting multiple peaks that can satisfy all levels of surfers.

The secluded beach of La Lancha is only accessible via a narrow walking path through a jungle reserve. This beach is devoid of everything except beach and surf - there are no vendors, restaurants, facilities, etc. It provides visitors and locals with a unique beach experience that defines Mexico.

Beginner surfers can take lessons, while confident intermediate-advanced surfers can rent a board and then walk the 7-10 minute trail through the beautiful jungle path to the pristine La Lancha beach, with its white sand, clean water and long mellow waves.

Photos and Videos by Mateo Ronderos.

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