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Actualizado: 31 may 2020

Have you ever visited a UNESCO site in your life? I bet you have. Then you should know in Mexico you can find 27 historical, 6 natural and 2 mixed, (also 5 non material cultural values), and Teotihuacán is one of them.

But why is this place so important, and one of the top 3 archaeological sites in this country? (Monte Albán in Oaxaca and Chichén Itzá in Yucatán). Well, the easiest answer to this question would be naturally because its unique; but if we want to go a little bit deeper, I would say it's because during the classic period (200 b.C. - 900 a.C) it was the most important city in the mesoamerican area; it is because it held one of the most sophisticated and complex societies known in the ancient word; it's because there you can find one of the biggest pyramids ever built in the world; it's because... it's definitely a place you must experience by yourself.

If you decide to visit this Impressive place, you might get to walk along the road of the dead, which is the main avenue of the complex, and it's keeping some of the echoes of the ancient civilization who built this place. In frame, the view of the Sun temple on the left side, and a good section of the city.

In this picture, we can appreciate the view of the Moon temple walking along the road of the dead. On the left side, me, tour guiding a Canadian couple with a little girl. As we walked down the road, the little girl held my hand because, given the name of the road, there might be a ghost in it. Her mom captured this lovely image.

What do you need to know before visiting this magnificent place?

1. This place is located in a quite arid area, which means no matter whether you visit it in the dry or rainy season, it will be sunny and hot. make sure you bring with you sunscreen, hat or cap, long pants and long sleeve shirt if you are very sensitive to the sun. You can also buy a hat at the place.

2. Wear comfortable shoes and be ready to walk, its a big place.

3. Make sure you bring your own bottle of water. Even that its possible to buy water there, lets try to improve our ecological print by reducing the amount of waste plastic on a daily basis. This is the only planet we have, let's try to be gentle and make it last, for us and for every living creature on it.

4. If you decide to go there by yourself, try to arrive early in the morning (the place is open at 8.30 7 days a week), since it's a very popular place and it gets crowded. Even Though, it definitely would be better if you hire a guided service so you can just relax and enjoy, instead of spending your time figuring out logistical stuff. You can also find tour guides at the place, just make sure they are certified or you might get scammed.

Remember. Whenever you decide to come to México, we will be waiting for you, for now, stay home, stay safe and travel tomorrow!

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