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🇬🇧 What does responsible and sustainable tourism mean? by Ing. Cristina Flores Castro.

Sometimes there is a certain confusion between the terms responsible tourism and sustainable tourism. Responsibility is related to all the decisions we take when we travel, and sustainability is a more general term, tied to a model, a long-term vision.

Therefore, the terms are defined as:

Sustainable tourism is the balance between people needs and wishes and the long-term protection of the environment and the natural resources. This means that there should be a balance between what you want and what the environment needs.

Responsible tourism implies there is a commitment to protect the environment. In order to practice responsible tourism, one should assume and demand responsibilities so that the impact we have on the environment while we travel, is only positive.

One does not exist without the other. Responsibility is the road to sustainability, but it is vital that all parties (companies, regulations and people) take responsibility for their actions and commit, otherwise, sustainable tourism would be unreachable.

Nowadays, there are thousands of companies and touristic services around the world that rely and depend on the diverse natural ecosystems and the cultures surrounding them, to bring tourists every year. Nevertheless, despite this, a lot of them have damaged the ecosystems they work in, leading to the loss of biodiversity, which eventually will deteriorate diverse destinations around the world. On the other hand, an increase of tourism visiting fragile destinations has led to an impact in those communities and their environment, but it has also impacted their economy and their cultural heritage.

All of us in Meet Your Tour Guide Mx, believe that a more responsible and sustainable tourism is achievable through constant improvement and learning but as well, by directly supporting the local tour guides and their small companies.

We believe in contributing to make more responsible and conscious travelers, who are a “low-impact” and who are committed when they travel to fragile destinations. We stand for the protection of socially, culturally and environmentally sustainable destinations.


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